1:2013/12/22(日) 22:19:18.80 ID:

Hey!!! All you NEETs, nerds, YouTube link spammers, pedophiles, neo-Nazis,
Yukorin enthusiasts, Nanako SOS admirers, Part-Time-Preachers,
Diplomats’ spoiled sons, losers who can’t remember Kanji characters,
Big-boobs fans, Weeaboo from around the world, learners of Japanese
who are too lazy to update their Japanese blogs very often, cunning
linguists, stupid fan girls of Johnny’s Boys, Touhou pirates, and
that electrical super-gay who suffers from mental disease – This is your thread!
Let’s hope Igirisu-jin and the Internet-addicted housewife will come back soon!
This is the place to have a blast!!!!!
Let’s continue to support recovery efforts in Japan!!!!!

2:2013/12/22(日) 22:40:14.33 ID:

I’ll just call that person, “Sticky”
5:2013/12/23(月) 00:44:42.06 ID:


Thanks for reviving the traditionl description of this thread.
I hope lots of people from overseas come to this thread and chat with us
like we did before.

7:2013/12/23(月) 14:51:13.46 ID:

I think french or some of american restaurants do not treat yellow people as customers.
I mean they just ignore as if they do not recognize the yellow in front of them.
I’d  like to know what kind of principle in psychology are applied in such white people.
Doe anyone know ?
10:2013/12/24(火) 14:09:11.32 ID:

Christmas eve is the day for sex in Japan, right ?
13:2013/12/24(火) 21:02:57.56 ID:


I think it is true to some extent.
I often hear not a few young couples make resevations at hotels for Chrismas eve.
For them, the holy night is a “hole” night

15:2013/12/25(水) 11:03:47.95 ID:


What if you couldn’t find a hole for you?

16:2013/12/25(水) 11:17:20.19 ID:


Then buy a hole.

19:2013/12/25(水) 12:19:44.62 ID:


What a sad story for Christmas orz.

21:2013/12/25(水) 20:07:01.04 ID:

I’m not sure whether it is a sad story or not.
It all depends on how you interpret it.
At least, you must not blame Santa for that because he knows anything about you.
So he can give you the present you want most.
23:2013/12/26(木) 00:08:18.59 ID:

>because he knows anything about you
Is it just me who cannot understand what he is getting at in this part?
Or he just wanted to say “because he knows ‘everything’ about you?”
24:2013/12/26(木) 19:50:24.89 ID:


Huh? I don’t understand what’s wrong with that.

25:2013/12/26(木) 20:22:47.29 ID:


○ God knows everything about you!
× God knows anything about you!
○ I doubt God knows anything about you.

37:2013/12/31(火) 11:21:05.26 ID:

I don’t understand what you mean by “go slow like English.”
Could you be more specific?
56:2014/01/03(金) 04:35:57.01 ID:

I hate omanko but I love tenga
67:2014/01/03(金) 17:05:31.26 ID:

I know garmmatical errors or typos included in the above post, so it is not neccessary to point out them.
81:2014/01/05(日) 17:49:16.56 ID:

283:2014/01/20(月) 16:46:55.15 ID:

Off the topic but, just out of curiosity, can you guys catch what the actors are saying in


And do you understand the punch line of this skit?

292:2014/01/20(月) 18:32:59.09 ID:


(Not like others in this thread.) Yes, I can.

Nazi : Hiding under the floorboards, I have finally found you.
Man : Wait. You are hiding under the floorboards or she?
Woman : A dangling participle.
Nazai : A dangling prticiple. [shoot himself]

The participle in the subordinate clause (Hiding) has to describe an action performed by the subject of the main clause (I),
but in this case, the one who is hiding under the floor is not the Nazi (I) but the woman.
This kind of grammatical error is called a “dangling participle,” and I’m pretty sure that it’s an utter disgrace to the Grammar Nazi Party.

294:2014/01/20(月) 18:52:28.57 ID:


Wow, great.
Can you also dictate what she is saying just befere the Nazi says “Hiding under the floorboards”?
Or your “Not like others in this thread. Yes, I can.” means that you can dictate that


part only?
Anyway, thanks.

296:2014/01/20(月) 19:10:21.88 ID:


When I say I can, it means I can.

Nazi : Now, let’s say you were writing a list. Would you or would you not put a comma before the “and.”
Woman : It depends on whether you are following the Chicago Manual of Style or the Associated Press Guide.

298:2014/01/20(月) 19:52:21.77 ID:


I asked my native English speaking friend to dictate that and he said
○ put a comma before the “end”
× put a comma before the “and”

Sorry but you are wrong.

85:2014/01/05(日) 23:41:22.55 ID:

Forget my asking. If there are Koreans posting or lurking here, I just wanted to say sorry.
87:2014/01/06(月) 01:11:01.00 ID:

Yeah shameless japs still have refused sincere apology and have not paid any commendation money for the victims of “sex slaves” and even making fun of them!
Shame on you!
92:2014/01/06(月) 14:32:38.80 ID:

my oshiri line is so original .it deserve to be called anaginal.
97:2014/01/06(月) 23:43:02.04 ID:

I have a question.
I came cross the followin expression while reading a book on daily conversation.
I googled it to make sure whether it is acutually used or not, but I couldn’t find it anywhere.
Thank you in advance for you kindness.

” Cut under this way! (こっちへ非難しなさい)”
105:2014/01/08(水) 18:39:10.98 ID:

I’ve heard even in Japan there are some homeless people who commit a light crime on purpose when winter comes so that they can
take shelter in comfortable surroundings called prison.
106:2014/01/09(木) 02:44:45.44 ID:

When is the last time イギリス人 appeared on this series of the threads?


Are you not Japanese? Maybe true.
I’ve watched on TV that America is crazy cold this week.
Minus 50 celcius is crazy. I couldn’t believe it. It’s like Antarctic.

116:2014/01/09(木) 07:17:59.99 ID:

I just wonder when my life had turnd into this miserable one.
When I was little, I was the kid who can cherish myself and others with energitic spirit
and given not many but not little loveletters and lovemails (don’t know how to put it)
Before I knew it, my face has become full of despair and distrust against others and now
I have no friends, nor do I have girlfriend.
I goes without saying.,,, huh.

I turned 20 years old last year, but I’ve been living in the past daydreaming good old days.
I’m college student with no friends, no hope for future,
and do nothing but doing part-time job and going to college
to take fucking lectures that isn’t fun at all just to get credits for graduation.
The rest of my life is going by just shuting in my room and using my PC.
Sorry, but I cannnot help but complain about my hell’s life.
118:2014/01/09(木) 09:20:58.51 ID:

I could have met him during his stay in Japan because my town has a Shinkansen
station. I could have asked him to have a cup of tea with me on the Shinkanse platform.
I even had a chance to show him around my town. Actually his posts showed he stayed in
my town for a few days. But I didn’t contact him.
124:2014/01/09(木) 13:43:35.96 ID:

I’ll tell you if you count and tell me the number of wrinkles around your anus.
135:2014/01/10(金) 21:58:31.07 ID:

I like new jersey and Californian accents.
I don’t like southern accent because it sounds like retard….
136:2014/01/10(金) 22:40:18.65 ID:

But your English sounds like a retard too.
137:2014/01/11(土) 01:06:56.71 ID:

You study English very seriously. Did you graduate from faculty of English study at University?
Then, is your profession English?
146:2014/01/11(土) 13:24:19.90 ID:

Well I used to watch this tv series called “jersey shore” and I have some Californian friends…I think Californian accent is very basic
147:2014/01/11(土) 13:41:46.03 ID:


Do you watch English programs without dubbing or subtitles?

150:2014/01/11(土) 15:46:25.08 ID:


I always watch American TV programs with subtitles because there are so many phrases I don’t know

152:2014/01/11(土) 15:53:46.26 ID:

I’m determinded to buy new LCD TV to watch Sochi Olympics.
I’ve had not had any TV in my room since terrestrial analog broadcasting
I also wanted to watch manyforeign news and TV programs like


on BS degital broadcasting.

I am an idle man soI can’t guarantee what I promised.

153:2014/01/11(土) 15:57:31.98 ID:


You’ve never set TV in your room since July in 2011 ?
They say someone like you are called 地デジ難民

154:2014/01/11(土) 16:03:42.45 ID:


You don’t have a PC either?
If you have, you can watch TV with tuners like these (

155:2014/01/11(土) 16:30:52.75 ID:


Yes. There is one in a living room. I have to move to the living room to watch TV.
It’s an braun tube TV with blu-ray player that worked as terrestial wave digital
tuner as well. lol
Newpapers are piled up hign on the deck where the previous TV was set.
That’s one reason which makes me feel bothered.


I have an realatively new PC, sony Vaio, which in my opinion lacks various options.
I was obliged to buy this because the previous XP PC had broken.
My plan was to buy windows 8 PC at the last mimnute when windows xp supports ends.

I’m not sure sony Vaio would work with these gadgets. A storeclerk reccommended some wireless device
which is designed for vaio.

157:2014/01/11(土) 16:53:35.01 ID:


I think you can watch TV on your VAIO with there tuners.
But I recommend you buy Nasne (
With Nasne and WiFi router, you can watch TV on your VAIO without any wires.

162:2014/01/12(日) 20:23:35.29 ID:

i am a high school student grade 1.
i have exam tomorrow.But i dont study english at all.
Please teach me how remember about 200 English sentences from now.

if i wrote wrong english,please tell me.
164:2014/01/12(日) 22:15:07.65 ID:

163 is an idiot


read or watch something that you like so much in English
that is the easiest way to study the foreign language

165:2014/01/12(日) 22:21:29.23 ID:

Recently, I really love to learn how
sperm deteriorate every single day in old man’s body
Because, u know, many stupid men, they tend to blame all on women’s fault
Men are so stupid enough to say, ” oh, dat depends on women’s age”
but this thing called, SCIENCE, it says those men are so BULL-SH*T
167:2014/01/12(日) 22:52:34.22 ID:

According to your personality, I can understand your father’s sperms were also old.
171:2014/01/13(月) 02:18:00.69 ID:

My grandma worried so much because my dad was not that much interested in
getting married

If he had married early in his life, maybe he had a boy, instead of all girls

Recent study shows that younger dad are likely to have a boy than a girl

183:2014/01/13(月) 20:39:53.32 ID:

Reading your attitude toward Grammar, I’m relieved because I’m an English beginner learner. But, if I make some grammatical mistakes, I would appreciate it that you point out them.
How cold it is! My hands shiver with cold so It’s hard to type. I want it to be warmer soon…
195:2014/01/15(水) 23:37:15.02 ID:

For example I often leave comments like “FREE TIBET FREE UIGUR!!!! YOU COMMUNIST CHINKY MURDERER!!!!!!!” on some chinky youtuber’s videos
you know basically they have lots of chinky subscribers so naturally chinks easily get mad and angrily respond to the comment which is so funny
because just imagine like they literally are typing madly with red face!!!!! lol

Sounds so offensive but I don’t need to feel sorry at all because I just tell the truth right? They ARE terrorists!

Apparently my comments are so offensive that my YouTube accounts were deleted so many times! lol fucking baka foreigners…

It’s so funny you should try it out!!
It’s a new way to practice your English!!!
And also it’s completely free!! LOL

198:2014/01/16(木) 00:32:31.53 ID:

I want to enter Waseda University !!!
204:2014/01/16(木) 13:33:46.33 ID:

Chinks and Mr.chon don’t use Japanese on Japanese things, but use English on Japanese things. That’s the difference
from what you learn English by making fun of native English Speakers.
You have a slightest edge over chinks and gooks.
They never learn about Japan while you learn enemy’s language at least.
205:2014/01/16(木) 14:10:49.16 ID:


Sigh… Bro, that blah-blah is not even ENGLISH!!!

206:2014/01/16(木) 14:37:15.64 ID:

Last year I left a comment on a chinky “beauty guru” video like
“OMG there is the evidence of double eyelids surgery on her eyelids!
She said she never got any of those because she said it’s again the intension of God!
But look! There is scars! She is a typical chinky liar and hypocrite!!!!! Shame on you!!!” Or something

And then I got tons of angry comments from her uber fans lol yeah tons is figurative but hundreds of comments lol

Then then I tried to reply to them, but I couldn’t because the chinky guru blocked me!! lol

207:2014/01/16(木) 15:57:42.56 ID:


Posting grammatically incorrect sentences like those just makes you look doubly pathetic even in their Chinky eyes.

231:2014/01/18(土) 15:27:50.45 ID:

Wow I didn’t know that it’s not allowed to make grammatical errors in this thread…
237:2014/01/18(土) 18:43:44.29 ID:

Okay, I won’t post any comments here and come back here.
I really miss the good old days when we didn’t care about the grammatical errors and just enjoyed the conversation.

Good bye everyone!
245:2014/01/19(日) 02:06:26.97 ID:


I’m planning to let the foreingers know モリタポMoritapo sysytem
which enanbles foreigners to use 2ch for three years by paying some 20 dollars.
Let’s put the information above in


of the next thread.



You are right.

241:2014/01/18(土) 19:46:56.41 ID:

why you can eat pigs and cows and not dolphins?
I think it’s ridiculous.
244:2014/01/18(土) 20:36:33.68 ID:

we dont eat cows in Islamic countries
because we know they believe cows divine.
but Musulim dont complain that foreigners eat cows in their own country.
it looks like the westerners’ obsession with dolphines and whales,
or egoistic intervention in other’s eating them is a different shape of racism.
you should not enforce your religious faith to others.
249:2014/01/19(日) 12:45:02.98 ID:

I would like to study english so I have gone to english school for about 2 years, however I could not enough listen and speak english. If you were me, how do you take style of lesson, for example, CHAT through internet and so on?
250:2014/01/19(日) 12:55:59.31 ID:

Could anyone translate


into English please?

251:2014/01/19(日) 13:25:26.82 ID:


Not sure, but… like this?

Although I’m planning to study abroad for about two years, my listening and speaking comprehension in English is still quite poor.
If you were me, what types of methods would you use to improve your English skills?

260:2014/01/19(日) 15:14:42.20 ID:

most of foreign sumo wrestlers speak Japanese fluently, too
264:2014/01/20(月) 14:14:44.97 ID:

Like when you are talking with this person who has nothing in common,
that is just a torture. Although, like if you play tennis, you kinda know
what he/she saying instantly. So ur vocabs improve much faster

For me it was sports and music but I really think other interests also
helps this person to learn new language
268:2014/01/20(月) 15:09:03.09 ID:

are you in middle school?
Sometimes I forget about using 5W in both English & Japanese lol
270:2014/01/20(月) 15:13:23.06 ID:

It is freezing cold outside
I have got to go to the grocery store but I cant・・・it’s damn too cold
271:2014/01/20(月) 15:17:02.44 ID:

Before that, you should be kind to others. It’s the basics of human relationships.
I mean you must begin with a capital letter when writing a stentence.
285:2014/01/20(月) 17:37:35.43 ID:

I am tired of studying english now.
How long do you study continuously?
I can not concentrate on listening and reading over 4 hours.
287:2014/01/20(月) 17:44:44.02 ID:


That is totally because you are listening to something which is not fun at all
Why dont you try foreign porn movies! Im so sure you can improve so much on that

289:2014/01/20(月) 17:55:55.56 ID:


I love watching western porn because they don’t put モザイク!

299:2014/01/20(月) 20:10:54.68 ID:

What do you think about this?
I found this offensive but harmless joke?
552:2014/02/08(土) 15:58:37.96 ID:

Can I show you my penis?
562:2014/02/08(土) 21:50:29.69 ID:

Just a minute,please? I will take a picture and to send.
710:2014/02/19(水) 19:20:37.40 ID:

I believe most Japanese are ok about gay culture mostly because
they don’t get the chance to know gay men.

I am a Japanese and I am a homophobia.
That is because I was harrassed badly by gays.
Until then I was ok with them, thinking it is none of my business.

But the problem is, they want to make it my business.
This gay man I knew once said “I want to sleep with straight men because they f*** like men.”

Maybe they must think Japanese are too polite to keep refusing.
That, they might have a chance if they keep pushing.

I am sorry but I don’t want to know how great you are in blowing.
When I say no, it means no so just cut the crap and leave me alone…

711:2014/02/19(水) 19:38:01.74 ID:


Go back to your thread bitch.

712:2014/02/19(水) 19:56:49.57 ID:


You’re boring just go back to your thread
You hate monger

713:2014/02/19(水) 20:09:55.76 ID:


>I am a Japanese and I am a homophobia.
I bet you wanted to say “I am a homophobe” or “I am homophobic”.
>That is because I was harrassed badly by gays.
Wow. Are you that cute? I never thought something like this could be true.

716:2014/02/19(水) 22:58:29.03 ID:


Yo homos.

It is not hate nor grudge but trauma.
I am only stating what happened in the past.

You go back to San Fransisco.



Yeah, that.

I don’t see myself good looking.
Maybe they just want anything they can get.
Like those guys in nightclubs trying to pick up not-so-good-looking girls.

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